Teenage Acne Why’s

Posted On Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 By admin

It is but normal that acne occurs during puberty. Some teens however have low self esteem because their condition is just much worse than their peers’ or that they know a lot of kids of the same age who do not have acne. Teenagers are a big target market of acne products because of course of the fact that acne is rampant during this phase. Acne commonly appears on teenage girls at ages 14-17 and 16-19 for teenage boys. The reason behind the rampant occurrence of acne in teenagers is because of the change in the level of hormones called androgens. Androgens causes the sebaceous gland to get bigger therefore producing more oil or sebum. It even shoots up in 25% of girls during their period. Too much production can cause the sebum to push itself out causing your pores to protrude. To know more about acne and to know the answer to the question does proactive really work, check this out.

Although you cannot control shooting hormones nor growing up, there are a few information teenagers should be aware of to minimize if not get rid of acne for a long time. Acne can appear as easily managed as whiteheads and blackheads or as embarrassing and hard to treat as nodules and cysts. 30% of teenagers affected with acne have conditions so severe that it requires serious medical attention.

Acne in teenagers is not just a physical change but is something that should be looked at as a social and psychological factor. The way one looks or attractiveness is a big deal among teenagers because it is closely associated to acceptance. Acceptance means having more friends or being part of a social group which teenagers with acne might find hard to accomplish due to the embarrassment caused by acne. In many cases, acne in teenagers can actually lead to depression. Teens with acne may feel withdrawn resulting to anxiety and a mix of other kind of emotions causing depression.

Dermatologists say it is normal to develop acne during teenage years that it’s almost like as if it is a rite of passage. Well, it should not be. All acne cases albeit it occurring during puberty or adulthood can be treated. Try out over the counter acne treatments first if your only now starting to develop those bumps. Be patient with it and you will see great results. If you’ve been fighting acne for a long time with no luck using products you get in the shelves, visit your dermatologist.